Austin’s Veteran Owned Roofing Company


Fall In Line Construction, LLC is owned by Jaime Herrera who was a veteran and served with the Texas National Guard for six years.




Roof Installation and Replacement

Roof Tune-Up and Repair

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

About Fall In Line Construction’s Owner

Jaime Herrera was born and raised in Austin, Texas. After moving through multiple careers, Jamie joined the Military to gain a new foundation. During his service he worked on a variety of operations, but it was through working on Drash Shelters in various environments where he began gaining insight and experience in this industry. Jaime became certified and was tasked with setting up the shelters, maintaining and servicing them for safety and stability, and running squads to raise new shelters. In addition to becoming adept at time and project management, Jaime became proficient at producing quality work in multiple climates and outdoor conditions.

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Call 24/7 For free inspection or Emergencies

*=free inspection is based upon completion of work within 30 days of inspection. if no work is completed, a $99 inspection fee is assessed