For Shingle Home  Owners

We provide free exterior home roof inspections for your Asphalt of Shingle Roof. We even take a look in your attic to get a full scope of the health of your roof.

With that pre-inspection, we can offer a tune up, small repairs or full replacements, and even work with your insurance.

Did you know? 

  • The #1 cause of leaks on asphalt roofs comes from leaks in boots or rubber pipe jacks 
  • Asphalt roofs are more susceptible to storm damage
  • Your roof dries, cracks and loses granules over time
  • Just because it isn’t leaking doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem

Ready to Get Your Roof Inspected yet?

You know it’s too hot and dangerous to get on your roof, contact us now.

With Roof Repair and Replacements, We Can Work on and Help You Through the Process With:

Shingles- sometimes called asphalt, and depending on the manufacturer can be architectural, laminate, TruDefinition or other similar names. Shingles are simply one thin piece of building material that’s asphalt based, with one end thicker than the other, made to overlap. It’s not the hardest concept to grasp, but we are here to help.

We Also Have A Roof Care Plan

Please contact us for a free inspection so we can discuss which option is best.

Roof Tune Up

Includes reseal of boots, vents, flashing, exposed nail heads and any satellites.

Roof Tune Up and Cleaning off Debris on Roof and Gutters

Includes everything from the tune up but we will also clean off any debris from trees, as well as clean the gutters and downspouts. 

Roof Tune Up, with Debris Clean Up and Power Washing

Includes services from Tune Up and the Debris Clean Up but will include power washing of driveway, side walk to home and back patio cover.

Call 24/7 For free inspection or Emergencies

*=free inspection is based upon completion of work within 30 days of inspection. if no work is completed, a $99 inspection fee is assessed