We love using drones for your roof inspections as they are able to safely view areas of your roof that might be difficult to climb to in person. They can also be faster at doing a quick scan of your the roof, as well as be less of a liability to us as business owners. 

That said, I personally suggest you do both a drone inspection and personal inspection. It’s great to first use the drone to highlight questionable areas and then have someone go up to confirm what is needed. In my experience, both 30-year old roofs and double layer roofs may not show hail damage in a way that insurance companies will cover. Conversely, 25-year old roof might be faster to show damage in the event it has damage from softball sized hail. I highlighted a few things in the video below as well.


So, whether you just need an inspection or you have a question about a report, contact us so we can help with a free roof inspection. Remember, just because the roof isn’t leaking doesn’t mean it’s not leaking.