Forensic Digital Marketing

During our forensic marketing sessions, we analyze your business in the hopes of uncovering what happened, what is currently happening and what needs to happen to change your marketing using strategies that drive leads and revenue for your company.

Forensic Digital Marketing: The Secret To Massive Revenue Growth

No worries, you haven’t committed any crime at all. Your marketing has!

By its inability to show a logical, predictable, steady, and scalable path which has been driving you to say “the heck with this Internet thing, I will grow my business from referrals”.

The forensic component exists in many disciplines.

✔️ Forensic accounting is used to reveal anomalies in accounting records or standard practices.

✔️ Forensic medicine is used to uncover inconsistencies in patient response to treatment or medicines.

✔️ Forensic attorneys draw conclusions and bring support to court cases by bridging a connection between forensic science and law. The attorney studies samples and other evidence found at crime scenes — for example, fingerprints, hair follicles or paint scrapings — then uses findings to aid in prosecuting offenders.

We are a boutique size digital marketing agency in Austin Texas that focuses in the forensic component in the digital marketing services that we provide.

The Forensic Digital Marketing Approach

In simple terms, forensic marketing is a methodology that combines multiple steps. The goal is to find the sweet spot in your marketing plan with quantitative metrics. But what are the practical results?

Data mining is one example of what a forensic marketer can do.

By using software to look for patterns in large batches of data, we can learn more about their customers and develop more effective marketing strategies as well as increase sales and decrease costs.

Another area where a forensic review can make a significant impact is in the user experience.

Knowing exactly where your users are and the journey they take, allows us to predict their journey.

Most business owners don’t know where to find the information or what to do with it.

Many business owners get lead generation wrong.

They define a lead too broad. They don’t have a system to classify their sales opportunities. They don’t have a funnel to nurture those opportunities to turn them into recurrent clients.

They rely too much on their revenue to tell if the business is doing right or wrong. They don’t know their numbers.

Let's Be Honest: Leads Are The Heart Of Your Business

85% of B2B marketers say lead generation is their most important content marketing goal.

A business thrives or dies based off of its lead generation.

The way to more sales happens when you have prospects in your pipeline.

For an effective lead generation that leads to revenue growth, you need a strategy.

In digital marketing, identifying your future buyers’ journey is a key strategic activity.

As a salesperson, you can personalize your sales process to the buyer’s context by understanding the buyer’s journey.

Watch this video where I explain in details how we use forensic digital marketing to generate more leads.

How Do We Generate You More Leads?

If you’re looking for tactics like email scraping, millions of users hacked from your competitors, or a miracle funnel, you’re not at the right place. However, if you’re into organic-based, sustainable, and long-term profitable digital marketing strategies, this is it!

We believe in Inbound Marketing. What exactly is that?

Inbound marketing is about creating valuable experiences that have a positive impact on people and your business.

How do you do that? You attract prospects and customers to your website and blog through relevant and helpful content.

Once they arrive, you engage with them using conversational tools like email and chat and by promising continued value. And finally, you delight them by continuing to act as an empathetic advisor and expert.

Unlike outbound marketing, with inbound marketing, you don’t need to fight for your potential customers’ attention. By creating content designed to address the problems and needs of your ideal customers, you attract qualified prospects and build trust and credibility for your business.

Forensic Digital Marketing Services For Small Business Owners

Some of the solutions you can find in our boutique-marketing firm.

Laser Focused Real Results

✔️ Full inbound marketing plan for lead generation.

✔️ Search Engine Marketing analysis and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

✔️Content Marketing strategy and production.

✔️Brand alignment, new product launch.

✔️Social Media Marketing.

Discover 10 Amazing Tools We Use To Activate Your SEO

Shall We Do A Deep Dive?

We’re more than happy to perform a forensic digital marketing audit and discuss your needs and solutions.

✔️ Medical/ Law/ Accounting

✔️ Real estate/ Insurance / Mortgage

✔️ Health and wellness

✔️ E-commerce

✔️Brands / Bloggers / Influencers



✔️Brick and mortar businesses who want to get more store visits using digital marketing

Before you can hire us, we make sure there’s no conflicts of interest.

We do not engage in two business relationships that might compete with each other for the person’s loyalties.

We also can extend non disclosure and non compete agreements, to guarantee and honor the trust you deposit in our office.

Imagine if you could have someone come on board to review your business and your needs and creates a simple to follow roadmap so you can get clients.

Equipping you with solutions that bring guaranteed results.

That’s what I do best!

When we work together, I take my time to study your business, reviewing your business growth strategies to determine what is working so we can do more of that, and modify what’s not working.

Our dynamic sessions will provide the support that you need.

We analyze your business and identify the opportunities where you can find clients faster, while leveraging what you already have.

We will use my Visibility Method to create your blueprint to take your business to the next level.  This will turn into your business marketing plan.

You walk away analysis of your branding, ideal clients, offers, opportunities to increase your revenue and a plan to grow your business with actionable steps.

Bye bye doubts, questions, anxiety about your message! Hello CLARITY and CONFIDENCE!


All the key strategic marketing activities that I recommend can perform either by your team or my team.

✔️Social media marketing

✔️Social media ads


✔️Google Ads

✔️Google local

✔️Email marketing


The biggest advantage is that we make sure that you pay only for what you need. We create a project and a quote that fits your needs and budget.

No. I’m not a business coach.

I’m a lawyer with a background in business and marketing and over 15 years of successful entrepreneurship experience.

I’ve created a proprietary marketing system that helps small business owners getting clients.

I’m a mentor, educator, trainer, speaker, and passionate about profits and passive income!

That’s my secret to live a happy life!  All our clients go through an interview process.

Will you pass the test?