Situations That Require an Emergency Roof Repair Service

Emergency roof repair service is all you need after a heavy storm or rain that damages your roof! Our professional team at Fall in Line Construction will fix every minor or major roof problem. 

Everyone deserves a solid roof over their head that can keep them safe from heavy storms and rains. Sometimes bad weather causes damage to the roof which calls for an emergency roof repair service from a professional company. However, it’s always recommended to get your roof inspected after hailstorms, heavy rains, or any other bad weather occurrences because you never know, any unnoticed damage can lead to a major roof problem. Here are the situations that require immediate roofing services:

  • Missing Shingles
  • Holes in the roof by rodents or tree branches
  • Leakages
  • Visible Cracks

How to Stop a Leaking Roof During Heavy Rains?

Roof leaks can occur anytime without any warning. Before it turns into an emergency, it’s important to do a roof inspection. As soon as you notice water dripping in any area of your home, get an emergency roofing service. Here are the steps to stop a leaking roof during heavy rains:

  • Put a Roof Patch:
    First of all, wipe or sponge off the water and place a bucket under, that can collect the dripping water from the ceiling. Now, trace the water path and put a temporary tar patch to stop the leaking water.
  • Use a Plastic Covering:
    To protect your furniture and other important belongings, put plastic covers on the interior. In addition to that, avoid walking barefoot.
  • Call the professionals:
    Call a professional team for an emergency roof repair service.

Common Causes of Roofing Emergencies

Roof damages are unexpected and can occur anytime, therefore, you need to be in contact with an authentic roofing company. Here are some of the common causes of roofing emergencies:

  • A fire incident inside or outside of the house/office
  • Tree branches hitting the roof due to heavy winds
  • Missing kick-out flashing
  • Decaying of roof areas
  • Poor roof installation

Contact Fall in Line Construction

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Ready to Get Your Roof Inspected yet?

You may know what you’re doing but a second opinion never hurts. 

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With Roof Repair and Replacements, We Can Work on and Help You Through the Process

We’ll walk you through the process from pre-inspection to meeting with the insurance, and throughout whatever course of action is needed to fulfill our promise. We don’t move a step forward without your permission and want to make this the easiest process for you as well as ensure the longevity of your roof. 

We Also Have A Roof Care Plan

Roof Tune Up

Includes reseal of boots, vents, flashing, exposed nail heads and any satellites.

Roof Tune Up and Cleaning off Debris on Roof and Gutters

Includes everything from the tune up but we will also clean off any debris from trees, as well as clean the gutters and downspouts. 

Roof Tune Up, with Debris Clean Up and Power Washing

Includes services from Tune Up and the Debris Clean Up but will include power washing of driveway, side walk to home and back patio cover.

Call 24/7 For free inspection or Emergencies

*=free inspection is based upon completion of work within 30 days of inspection. if no work is completed, a $99 inspection fee is assessed