When we get to a new location there are many things we look for and do to tackle your project. While your roof is our main priority, the first thing we have to do is rid your roof of wasp nests (we know this takes away from the pest control industry!). On that note, if a great amount of extermination is needed, we contact our pest control guy Todd McCalister from Heavenly Pest Solution.

The reason we remove wasps first is for safety. We don’t like fighting wasps on their turf when we get on a roof or start walking around, so we grab some of our preferred spray, a pool skimmer to scrape the nests off, and go from there.

So, whether you need a free inspection, or are just calling us out to spray your home, we don’t mind. If you do happen to have a really bad nest, you may want to call Todd and us, so we can watch.


Like we say, if you need an inspection or you have a question about a report, contact us so we can help with a free roof inspection. Remember, just because the roof doesn’t appear to be leaking doesn’t mean it’s not leaking.