Best Roof Shingles Near You

Roof shingles need regular inspections to keep their health in check and take corrective measures. Contact us for a free assessment and decide if you require a small repair or full replacement. 

Whether you plan on replacing roof shingles or you want to install them from scratch, choosing the best roof shingles according to the roof types can be tricky. You need to match your requirements against your budget.

Don’t worry. Terra Pave International is here at your rescue to help you make the right choice.

How to Select the Best Roof Shingle 

There are multiple aspects that you need to consider before you choose your roof shingles


The foremost task is setting up your budget, which will determine the cost of the project.


High-quality shingles are more durable, and their longevity is dependent on factors like climate conditions, manufacturer’s warranty, and so on.


If your roof slope is steep or your structure has a lower weight limit, then you will benefit from using lightweight roof shingles.


Your preference of colors or designs will also play a key factor in installing roof shingles

Types of Asphalt Roofing Shingles

You will find mainly three types of roof shingles:

Strip Shingle 

It looks like a slate and has a flat structure. It’s manufactured from a singular asphalt layer, weighs less, and is cheapest. 

Dimensional Shingle

 It has a multi-dimensional outlook due to the fusion of two or more asphalt layers. It’s more durable than a strip and a cost-effective choice.

Luxury Shingle 

It is the costliest type of shingle available, possessing the best quality, durability, and aesthetic features.

Choosing The Best Roof Shingles Colors

Roof shingles can account for up to 40% of your home’s exterior view, and hence, the choice of color is very important. Here are two factors to focus on:

  • Compatibility with the exterior decor of your home.
  • Climatic conditions – warm conditions call for lighter and cooler conditions call for a darker color.

Roof Shingles Cost

Roof shingles cost is determined by factors like:

  • The entire coverage area of your main roof and any other additional rooftop areas like garage, porch, or extensions.
  • Cost of the shingles along with accessories like nails, cement, flashing, and waste disposal system.
  • Cost of employing a contractor for installation and replacement activities.

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Ready to Get Your Roof Inspected yet?

You may know what you’re doing but a second opinion never hurts. 

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With Roof Repair and Replacements, We Can Work on and Help You Through the Process

We’ll walk you through the process from pre-inspection to meeting with the insurance, and throughout whatever course of action is needed to fulfill our promise. We don’t move a step forward without your permission and want to make this the easiest process for you as well as ensure the longevity of your roof. 

We Also Have A Roof Care Plan

Roof Tune Up

Includes reseal of boots, vents, flashing, exposed nail heads and any satellites.

Roof Tune Up and Cleaning off Debris on Roof and Gutters

Includes everything from the tune up but we will also clean off any debris from trees, as well as clean the gutters and downspouts. 

Roof Tune Up, with Debris Clean Up and Power Washing

Includes services from Tune Up and the Debris Clean Up but will include power washing of driveway, side walk to home and back patio cover.

Call 24/7 For free inspection or Emergencies

*=free inspection is based upon completion of work within 30 days of inspection. if no work is completed, a $99 inspection fee is assessed